250th Anniversary Fund Advisory Committee

The Temple 250th Anniversary Fund was created in 2008 with a generous grant by Temple residents to the NH Charitable Foundation. The Fund purpose is to help finance projects that are of benefit to Temple and its residents and that would not be financed through normal budget expenditures. This would be things that are not included in regular administration, maintenance or expansion of town government or other entities. The annual proceeds from the Fund, currently around $1000, are available to be donated to projects recommended by the Fund Advisory Committee (appointed by the Temple Select Board).

Application form: http://www.templenh.org/temple-250th-anniversary-fund-advisory-committee/files/temple-250th-anniversary-fund-application

For more information, contact Julie McAdoo and jmcadoo2@gmail.com.

Board Members

Julie McAdoo
Vince Mamone
Christine Robidoux