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Tax Rate as of November 15, 2022: $24.96 per thousand of valuation:

State Education:$1.27

The town portion of the tax increased only slightly, from $5.63 to $5.83, primarily due to fuel costs. Note that the bulk of the increase was for Conval, which makes up over 70% of our budget. Conval increased by $1.22, a 7.3% increase.

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Large cash payments: Anyone planning to pay a bill to the town for any reason, i.e., property taxes, vehicle registrations, etc., is hereby notified that if they intend to make the payment in cash greater than $1,000, they must make an appointment with the Tax Collector or Town Clerk in order to do so. The appointment will require that two town officials be present at the time of the transaction. Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Check, Certified Check, Money Order

To request an appointment, contact Tax Collector Elizabeth Maxcy-Humphrey or Town Clerk Wendy Drouin


Elizabeth Maxcy-Humphrey

Tax Collector