Village Green Committee (VGC)

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The Village Green Committee’s (VGC) mission is to support and carry out projects, at the committee’s discretion, focusing on the maintenance, improvement, repair, and beautification of town-owned green areas in the Town of Temple.  

Annual projects

Our annual projects include:

  • Planting flowers throughout the center of town in late May
  • Placing wreaths on all town buildings
  • Decorating the common with wreaths and roping in December


To cover our costs, we generally hold three fundraisers a year:

  • plant sale in May
  • table at the Harvest Festival
  • poinsettia sale in December (for the first time in 2016)

Support for the VGC

Our efforts to ensure that Temple remains beautiful can only succeed with your help. Please support our fundraisers and more importantly join our committee! A love for gardening is helpful, but more importantly, we need folks with a passion and a drive for helping to keep Temple a town of which we can be proud. The VGC meets approximately four times a year with varied dates and times in an attempt to accommodate all members. Can’t meet or don’t want to join a committee? We gladly accept help from volunteers on a short term basis. Please contact any of the members below for more information. 

Click here to learn more about the committee's history and projects.

Committee Members

Name Title
Felicia Sartell Chairman (2020)
Carol Mamczak Member (2018)
Honey Hastings Alternate (2018)
Margaret Cournoyer Member (2018)
Robin Downes Member (2019)
Constance Kieley Treasurer (2019)
Gail Cromwell Member (2019)
Katherine Fedorka Secretary (2020)
Coral Woods Member (2015)
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