Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)

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The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) is staffed by up to 6 members who are elected to 3-year terms on a rotating basis. Our primary mission is to work annually with the town departments, committees, and boards to prepare and propose a Town Budget for approval by the Board of Selectmen in February and ultimately by the tax payers at Town Meeting in March. An important guideline for the budget is to find a balance between fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the town’s departments, committees, and advocates, and the desire to maintain consistency in our town tax rate. To achieve this goal, following interviews with the department and committee heads, the BAC prioritizes requests from departments and may propose alternatives and/or “calendar shifting” to fulfill the tax rate goal. The BAC also coordinates with the CIP committee to include the impact of capital requests.

From time to time the Board of Selectmen calls upon the BAC to provide various finance-related recommendations and consultations. This includes: 

  1. Prepare on a monthly basis a Year to Date town financial report which itemizes Revenues and Expenditures vs. Budget.
  2. Provide input during contract and budget negotiations with ConVal, Wilton Ambulance, Wilton Recycling Center, and Temple-Greenville Police services. When appropriate, to prepare alternative proposals for these services.
  3. Meet with the town auditors, and review their reports and recommendations.
  4. Advise Board of Selectmen on Cash Flow, Tax Rate, and Fund Balance decisions.

Committee Members

Name Title
Gary Scholl Chairman (2021)
Steve Concordia Member (2020)
John Kieley Member (2020)
Luke Peterson Member (2021)
Christine Robidoux Member (2019)
Gail Cromwell Ex-Officio
Vacancy -
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