History of the Village Green Committee

The Village Green Committee (VGC) was originally established in 1985 as an ad hoc committee of the town. The Committee's largest annual fundraiser, the Harvest Festival, was a huge undertaking every year, and in 2012, it was agreed to let the Fire Department take control of this event. At that time, the Committee also decided to restructure, and on June 12, 2012, the Board of Selectmen voted to establish the Village Green Committee as a formal town committee. To ensure that the VGC’s funds would remain in control of the organization, a trust fund was established allowing the VGC to continue its mission. 

One time projects include:

  • Purchased, with the help of an Anniversary Fund grant, 5 Red Maple trees as replacement trees for the Common (2012-2013)
  • Replaced the ailing Veteran’s Memorial Tree in front of the Congregational Church (2014)
  • Moved the granite benches from the Historical Society’s Old School House to behind the Library (2015)
  • Planted the area in front of the Municipal building (2016)
  • Completed and maintain, with the help of a grant from the Temple Anniversary Fund, a garden that includes 250 King Alfred daffodils and 2 ornamental Redbud trees, as well as Mugo Pines and Hydrangeas
  • Purchased, with funds from our spring 2019 fundraiser, 1 Red Maple replacement tree for the Common (2019)