Rain or Shine, Saturday April 21st
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Coffee and Baked Goods available by 8:30 am in Friendship Hall.

Tools, drinks, bags, gloves, tarps, and other equipment are available; yard rakes are in short supply.

Main work time will be 9 am until 12 noon. Some jobs will be completed after lunch.

There are four ways to help for this traditional

community spring clean-up effort:

*join a work team in the center of town or at the ballfield to rake,

                                             prune, weed, remove branches, etc.

                   *make/provide a food item and/or donate supplies for the potluck lunch at

                                              12 noon –please let me know what you intend to bring for

                                               planning purposes…thanks a bunch.

                   *pick up litter along the roadsides in some part of town—please call in or

                                               record your efforts on the map located at the library

                                               desk (supplies will be available in the library

                                               throughout the entire litter pickup season).

                   *help with indoor/outdoor cleanup after lunch and/or help the members of

TEEC with their recycling efforts.


Community Potluck Lunch

at 12 NOON



After the meal, TEEC will handle the recycling efforts, Friendship Hall will be cleaned,

 and any workers who wish to continue can finish up the outdoor work as needed.

Please call Linda (878-1078) if you have any questions…and please leave a message on the machine.


Thanks for keeping this special community activity on your radar.

Let’s work together to keep Temple beautiful.