Request for town boards, committees, and commissions to review information on the website

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To: All Boards, Committees, and Commissions for Town of Temple

As you know the Temple Website ( has been in place for several years. This was a major undertaking by the town to provide our residents with information on how the town works, persons to contact, agendas, minutes, etc. A website committee was instrumental in deciding how to actually create the site and our town office staff has done excellent work in collecting information and getting the site off the ground. 

Now your help is needed! 

In particular, we need to enrich the site with content. Please take a look at how your group is represented on the site and send information that might be useful to include to our new webmaster, Alanna Casey. For most committees, groups, etc., all that we list at present are the members and dates for the expiration of terms. Are you elected or appointed? Many of our residents are unaware of the work that is actually done. Just a few sentences would be very helpful. 

Examples: What does your group do? How often do you meet? Is there an RSA that establishes what you do? Do you have photos that would be interesting? 

Just to give a more concrete example: The Cemetery Trustees are listed by name and term of office but that is all. What is the purpose of cemetery trustees? How does a person get a burial plot? Are there rules for the cemeteries regarding flowers, plants, other decorations?  A short paragraph would go a long way! 

Please email whatever information you would like to put on the website to

Board of Selectmen, July 26, 2017