News from the Recreation Commission (Fall 2017)

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As many of you may already know, we are very sad to report that Ken Carpenter has left Temple to move to Ohio where his wife was offered an job she could not refuse. It is a great loss to our community, as Ken has had an intrinsic role in creating the opportunities that the Recreation Commission has been able to offer for many years, and we will miss him and his tireless energy and enthusiasm terribly. Please join us in wishing him and his family great success as they move on to this next chapter in their lives. That said, we have some huge shoes to fill! We are down to just a few members, and would very much welcome some new energy to help us keep our traditions alive and well.  
One of the on going activities are the Temple Open Mic nights, held once a month at the Town Hall, all are invited to participate or just attend to enjoy the amazing amount of talent we have right here in our little community. They have a Facebook page called Temple NH Open Mic so you can keep up with the dates, and we have a fantastic sound system, purchased for us by the Bragg Fund, to facilitate this great event. Another on going event is T'ai Chi - Begin your day with simple movements, postures, and breath awareness to capture the energy of the universe and rejuvenate your spirit. Students can look forward to improving their balance, strength, cognitive functions, and general health. (Consult with your physician to discuss any personal physical limitations). No registration required; just meet on the Common at 7 am every day. T’ai chi will move to Town Hall if it rains. For information, please call David Rosen at Temple Taiji: 878-3968 or 617-335-7418. Leave your name & phone number, or email David at  
As crazy as it sounds, our next annual event will be Halloween Trunk or Treating! We have had such a great turn out the last few years, and have learned some ways to improve on it - this year our costume parade will be held inside the town hall so the judges have all the light they need to judge your creativity! We will also have a prize for the best "Trunk" too! Same as last year, we will be serving hot dogs and all the fixings to help alleviate the Halloween night "rush" so many working parents struggle with. Dinner will be on us! We'll start at 5:00 on October 31st just like last year, with the costume parade starting at 6:00. Of course, you can stay for as long as you want, but there are still plenty of folks in town who will enjoy the door to door trick or treating, so feel free to make the most of the night! You don't have to have kids to participate, we welcome all members of the community to come and enjoy this festive evening. 
One of the ways we keep you informed of our activities is through our Facebook page titled Temple NH Recreation Commission, but we also try to put posters up at some of the key spots that many folks visit in town. We do have an email database too, which we use strictly for sharing information that pertains to the Rec Commission, and will never be shared with anyone else. If you would like to be included in the database, please send an email to You can also use this email address with any questions or comments you have. 
Again, we welcome new members, ideas, volunteers to our group, we meet 4 to 5 times a year, and then of course, facilitate the events as they occur. Joining is easy, all you have to do is send a letter stating that you would like to join to the Temple Board of Selectmen at PO Box 191, Temple NH 03084, or email them at We welcome occasional participation as well, and are very grateful to some of our community members who help out year after year.